Educational Scholarships

What you Need to Apply


In order for your application to be considered, the following documentation must be submitted for review along with your scholarship application:

Proof of Eligibility:

  • Fallen Family Member’s Death Certificate or DD1300 Casualty Report

  • For deaths after discharge from service resulting from combat-sustained injury or illness:

    • VA determination letter of service-connected disability

    • VA letter confirming death related to service-connected disability

  • Birth Certificate, Adoption Paperwork or Marriage Certificate showing applicant’s legal next of kin relationship to Fallen Family Member prior to date of death

  • For post-secondary or graduate level students: VA letter of eligibility for funding – Chapter 33 Fry Scholarship or Chapter 35 Dependents’ Educational Assistance

Proof of Enrollment in School:

  • Letter of Acceptance, Class Schedule, or other proof of active enrollment for the school year for which funding support is being requested.
    • Students must be considered full-time to be considered for scholarship. Full-time for undergraduate students is 12 credit hours/semester. Full-time for graduate students is 9 credit hours/semester. 

Proof of Need:

  • Tuition Letter from school financial aid office showing projected tuition & fees for the upcoming school year, as well as other educational costs (actual or estimated), such as room & board and transportation.

  • Service Provider Invoices for after school programs, tutoring services, summer camps, etc. Note: these invoices must include the Tax ID number of the service provider, for verification purposes.

  • For post-secondary or graduate students living off-campus:

    • Lease Agreements

    • Monthly Bills – Utilities, Internet, Transportation, etc.

    • Receipts for living expense reimbursement requests


  • Copy of Applicant’s Driver License/State ID Card, Military ID Card, or U.S. Passport

  • Applicant Photo or Photo of Applicant with Fallen Parent/Family

U.S. Flag being folded.

Scholarship Requirements

Eligible recipients must be a spouse or child (age 0-26) of:

  • A member of the U.S. military who lost his/her life while deployed in combat.
  • An employee of the U.S. Government who lost his/her life in the defense of their country while deployed in combat.

Applications are accepted through May 15 of each year, with scholarships awarded in time for the fall semester of the same year.

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