The Need

Recognizing Their Sacrifice

The Incredible Need of These Families

  • Since 2001, nearly 10,000 men and women have died while deployed in the combat zone, leaving behind thousands of spouses and children.
    • 97% of surviving spouses are women; 50% earn less than $50,000 per year; 30% are homemakers; 13% are unemployed.
    • An average of 2 children (with an average age of 10 years old) per household are left behind.
  • Limited government funding exists to support surviving families in their critical transition to civilian life.
  • Government assistance programs fall short in covering the total cost of education for surviving family members.
    • The average funding gap faced by surviving spouses and children across all levels of education is nearly $10,000.
  • The necessary funding to cover the educational and transitional needs of these deserving families is projected at $100 million over the next twenty years.

As recently as 2003, the benefit paid to eligible survivors of military personnel killed in the line of duty was a one-time benefit of only $6,000. Due to congressional action since 2003, that death benefit has been raised – first to $12,000 and then to $100,000. Despite these increases, the current death benefit is often unable to provide necessary support to the families of those who lost their lives serving their country.

The Folded Flag Foundation is a non-profit organization that relies on public donations to help supplement the current death benefits available to the dependents of United States military personnel and other government employees while deployed in combat. Folded Flag is strongly committed to honoring these military fallen heroes by aiding the families with educational scholarships and support grants.

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Brave warriors, should fate find us in battle, may our cause be just; may our leaders have clear vision; may our courage not falter; may we be triumphant and earn victory as we show mercy to our enemies; may our efforts bring lasting peace; may our sacrifice be always appreciated by those we serve; and may we return to our loved ones unharmed. Should we be harmed, may our wounds heal. And should we perish in the struggle, may God embrace us and find for us a place in His Kingdom.

- A Soldier's Prayer