Frequently Asked

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Applicants must complete the Folded Flag Foundation application and submit to us, along with required documents, by fax at 904-337-7022 or by email at

You can also mail to the following address:

The Folded Flag Foundation, Inc.
400 South Rampart Blvd.
Suite 400
Las VegasNV 89145

What do I need to submit a scholarship application?

To learn more about how to apply and the required documents needed for your application click here.

When are the deadlines for submitting my application?

Fall/Spring scholarship applications are accepted through May 15, with scholarships awarded in time for the Fall semester enrollment of the same year. For individuals applying for a Summer scholarship, applications are due by April 15.

How will I know if my application has been accepted?

Summer applicants will be notified by April 23, and Fall/Spring applicants will be notified by May 30 via email.

I am a remarried spouse. Am I still eligible for scholarship?

Yes, even though you may be remarried, you are still eligible to apply for a scholarship. There is also no age limit for spouses.

Does Folded Flag provide scholarships for graduate school?

Yes, for spouses of all ages and children up until 26 years old. 

How many extra curriculars can a student apply for?

In addition to tuition and supplies, you may apply for up to three additional needs or programs. 

What type of programs does Folded Flag support for K-12?

We support K-12 students with music lessons, sports, tutoring, after-school care, and more. If you have a question regarding a specific program or need, email

What needs do you support for college, graduate or trade schools?

We help cover the costs for on- and off-campus living, meal plans, parking passes, books, laboratory fees and tuition. If you have a question about a specific program or need, please email

What is an acceptable cost document for off-campus living?

A lease agreement that is for the upcoming school year. Leases that expire in the summer will not be accepted.

Do you cover mortgages?

No, but we can help support other costs such as childcare, books and school supplies. 

For PTSD-related suicides, what additional documentation do I need to qualify?

You will need: 

  • A copy of your VA benefits letter showing the death was service-related OR if you are a college student, we need a copy of your VA support
  • A death certificate
  • Any document placing the fallen in combat. This can be orders, a DD-214, award received, or a published article that mentions the fallen’s deployment. 
What documentation can be used to show combat theater?

This can be orders, a DD-214, award received or published article mentioning the fallen’s deployment. 

What types of deaths do you consider as qualifying?

The Folded Flag Foundation recognizes deaths of service members from PTSD-related suicide, killed in action, illness received in combat, wounds received in combat, and combat zone or training accidents. We also cover stateside attacks on bases. If you are unsure if we cover, please email and we will work with you one-on-one.  

My veteran is alive but 100% disabled, do I qualify?

Unfortunately, no, but there are some resources available that may be able help:

When does the application period open?

We begin accepting applications on March 1 every year. 

When does the application period close?

Summer applications are due by April 15, and Fall/Spring applications are due by May 15.

Are there any limitations on scholarships?


  • Summer K-12, College, Graduate, and Trade School are capped at $5,000/year
  • Fall/Spring K-12, College, Graduate, and Trade School are capped at $7,500/year


Does Folded Flag provide scholarships for siblings of the fallen?

No, scholarships are only available for the spouses and children of the fallen. 

If I previously received a scholarship from Folded Flag, do I need to re-apply each year?

Yes, as we are a cost-based scholarship, you do need to apply every year you need support. However, once you upload your documents, such birth certificate, marriage certificate, death certificate, etc., you will not need to provide them again. 

Is there a lifetime limit on the amount of scholarships that can be received?

Yes, the maximum an individual can receive in a lifetime is $80,000. 

Why do college and graduate students need to apply for additional VA funding?

Folded Flag is a partial scholarship and we assume all of our scholars are using every resource made available to them. You can apply here for VA funding. 

How do I apply for my Fry or Chapter 15 funding?

Couldn’t find the answer? Email us with your question.